FRAMES Exhibition

Enis Cisic, a motion graphic designer, cartoonist and illustrator, in his first independent exhibition deals with the conceptual merging of the two of his passions: film and illustration. The two seemingly opposing media are actually very close and their intersection is the so called “Frame”. Frame is an isolated single fragment of a film (i.e. photography in a feature film or documentary, or a 3D or 2D illustration in an animated film). A film is, namely, a sum of frames; i. e. images that are shown rapidly (12, 25 or 30 images per second) in succession and continuity, which gives the viewers an illusion of motion. Thus, every single frame taken out of context is not simply created by chance since it was planned and made in collaboration with a director, director of photography, camera operator, lighting technician and other film crew members. The visual narration of a film is therefore created whilst following the rules of the visual art form.
The author extracts the individual images and recreates them through illustration, dealing with lines, forms and spaces within different compositions, lights and shadows – in fact, dealing with all those elements that typically form an image. By stopping the time in such common places whose composition, characters and visual solutions of a scene are recognized by every film lover, leaving his personal seal of his sensibility and craftsmanship of an excellent illustrator, Enis gives us space for our own peculiar meditation, but not on the level of film experience as a whole, but fragmented upon pieces of already well-known and recognized value.
Boris Stapic

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